21 de junio de 2011

Trying to figure things out

I´ve being doing some thinking about what the next step is.

Now that I finally got my high school diploma (and a huge graduation ring, than you very much ;)), I tought that, maybe, is the moment to make big changes.

I do not want to worry about stupid things anymore, I want to spend more time reading, or writting, instead that watching the freaking TV.I could try to be less intense, and a act like a little bit more like a grown up when things get ugly.I just need to wait 4 my dosis of reallity, that is colllege. I want to be more responsable, I don't wanna be at home while everybody is working. I WANT A FREAKING JOB.I need to focus my energy in something that is productive. And I could use some money!

MJB has a great job now. he's doing great and finally things are working pretty well 4 all of us. We´re having a kick-ass party this july 2nd to celebrate that, and our b-day.

I´'m gonna go now. This is not a good post at all, but I´'m happy and I don`t give a damn.

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