10 de junio de 2012


Esto lo escribí en el brete...Ya sabés que es para vos...

So, do you think you can be my friend?
Do you think we can walk together holding hands...
Today i feel like I need to get more. even more.
My eyes and soul need to be close to you...
You can notice I'm dying every time you look in to my eyes
Because you're far away...
So close, but so unreachable,
So mine, and yet so forbidden,
I want to be the one that makes you smile,
I want to be your shoulder when you cry
Let me be the one that you walk next to,
let me take you to a magical world, just for us.
Walk next to me and let's just laugh
Tell me  what scares you,
tell me what decieves you.
I want to listen to every word you say
I want to touch you hair until you fall asleep.
I want you to sleep in my chest
I will feel you heart heartbeat
And I will sing you a song
That gives you peace
I want to be you wings, and
take you wherever you want to be
And there,I will give you a sweet kiss

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